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Nova Food - Grocery Companion App

Nova Food is a mobile application focused on helping grocery shoppers learn more about their food choices by displaying information about their eating habits, budget, and environmental impact.

The project started after winning two student entrepreneurship competitions hosted by TECHNATION in collaboration with Microsoft Canada, The Government of Canada, ICUBE UTM and CGLCC.

Nova Food Features

We wanted to create an experience for grocery shoppers to easily keep track of their food purchases and how it affects their lives. To do so, we worked very closely to grocery shoppers to understand their efforts and limits when it comes to grocery shopping. The following is an example of our rapid prototyping used for one of the competitions.

Nova Food wireframes and early concepts

In this project, most of the activities I participate in are related to product management and UX/UI design. Here are some of the activities:

  • Customer interviews/surveys
  • Product Design
  • Determining product features
  • Prototype/Userflow
  • System Design
  • Roadmap
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Managing cross-function teams
  • Market Analysis
  • Nova Food also passed to the Alpha+ Journey and competed for the Final Grand Prize in Cooperathon, a competition with over 60 teams hosted by Desjardins.

    During this competition, we worked closely with Microsoft Azure AI mentors to create a prototype of our solution within two weeks. Below is the prototype demonstration video I made for the competition.

    We also won the Audience Impact Prize and we were invited to continue working with Desjardins in ther Foundry program.

    Nova Food Audience Impact Prize by Cooperathon

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