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Entrepreneurship Talks

Entrepreneurship Talks is a week full of workshops and speakers hosted at Concordia University for students interested in entrepreneurship with over 150 attendees. During this week, students were presented with speakers from Mid-Day Squares, Epic Tofu and QueerTech.

As a Director of Marketing for GCES, my responsibility was to promote the event. My main focus was digital marketing so I started with event listing. I used Eventbrite to create the event ticketing system, which is also very good for SEO.

Some of the activities I participated in:

  • Created event page on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Reached out to startup communities in Montreal like Startup Montreal
  • Created an email campaign for Concordia University students
  • Created cross-marketing with other student associations
  • Posted on student group channels on Facebook and Discord
  • Created Social Media posts and stories to promote the event
  • Viewed ticket analytics
  • The last workshop was Students in Entrepreneurship and I was one of the hosts. I talked about my journey with my startup (Nova Food), useful resources to get started, and tips for new student entrepreneurs.

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