Cloud Space Voice System

Cloud Space

Cloud Space is a software application project with a mission to bring people together and provide businesses with the tool they need to make remote work a more friendly and secure envrionment. Cloud Space is a virtual office that provides a voice channel system similar to Discord with various security features to provide businesess with the securty and privacy they need. This project has four main focus categories: optimization, security, privacy, and creating a professional environment.

Future of Work Student Challenge

The pitch for this project won first place in the entrepreneurship challenge "Future of Work" by TECHNATION in collaboration with Google Cloud and Mole in a Minute.

In this project, I took the role of a project lead to coordinate the project's activities such as research, development, and delivery. The four main activities I participate in this project are organizing the internal teams workflow and documentation, creating business plan, creating a pitch deck and participating in the research.

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